The ones born with no choices don’t lose their faith. Even when the church, which is supposed to be the salvation, rejects them and judge them. They don’t lose hope. They are the fallen angels.

Marginalized by society, judged by the church, abandoned by the Government, knowing death is guaranteed, they embrace life and death.

Those who find refuge with her call her different names such as La Flaca, La Niña Blanca, La Dama Poderosa, La Huesuda.

They pray to her for healing, protection, and the path to salvation.

She protects those who work in the shadows, on the edge of society, in the night.

La Santa Muerte is mighty and is reputed to grant many favors.

Devotees venerate her with prayers and processions on altars with candles, cigarettes, flowers, fruit, incense, water, alcoholic beverages, coins, and candies as gifts.

Her images are treated as holy and those who believe in her deposit their faith and are granted favors in exchange.

She is non-judgmental, and at the end, rich or poor, all have to meet her.