Thank you for visiting my web site, I am currently working to improve it, by adding content, section, pages, photos, a blog, among other things.
If you see an error or a link that isn’t working, I apologize, I hope to have a fix soon.

The gibberish text that read “Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet” is dummy text we use in the web design as text filler when we don’t have the final text.

No need for trying to make sense of it.


What is the purpose of my website?

homer simpson website

The purpose for my website is for me to provide a venue to display my photography, so people can enjoy my art without any form of censorship. The last thing I need as a minority is to have my art moderated online by some pesky AI bots.

On my own website I can offer my photo prints, my stock photos, my NFTs, and just my own dedicated channel without moderation or filter from no one.

My website is not a place to please others. My website is me, my message, my words, what’s inside of my head and my heart.

What content can you find on my website?

The center piece is my photography which is my art. The images will be displayed in masonry galleries for you to enjoy in different resolutions. Images should load fast and looks crisp on phones as well as computers. The blog will house articles, my social commentary, update on projects, videos, and general content.

You can also learn more about my photography service, web consulting, and other service I offer; In addition, you can send me a direct message.

Check my website, click around, let me know what you like or dislike.
Enjoy the photos and don’t forget to follow on me on your favorite social.