January 2022

On the stage


This image is on my top 3⁠ The light, the mood 🤯⁠ Have a look to the Cirque Alcatraz⁠ album

On the stage2022-05-08T19:31:31-05:00

Paranormal Cirque Coffin


This is one of my favorite’s photos from the Paranormal Cirque album⁠ ⁠ The fire, the light, the colors, the performance, amazing! ⁠

Paranormal Cirque Coffin2022-05-08T19:23:14-05:00

Magic at the circus⁠


The Paranormal Cirque is a magical and mysterious adventure!⁠ See the full album here

Magic at the circus⁠2022-05-08T19:21:18-05:00
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